Dwyer Road frontage and main entrance

Dwyer Road frontage and main entrance

The foundation stone for our main building (pictured) was laid in 1955. It was built with assistance from the Anglican Home Mission, and designed as a large open space suitable for semi-permanent configuration as a “Church” but also able to be rearranged for other uses on a temporary basis. Several extensions have been done since then but the property is now at a stage where it needs further significant upgrading. We are presently in discussion with the Diocese and Anglicare about the potential for a complete redevelopment of the property.

Rear view (off Crew street) and entrance

Back entrance

The back entrance to the property is conveniently located directly off our easy access car park. This has led to the rear entrance, by default, being the one most used by regulars and visitors.

Rose Garden

Environmentally sensitive car park and rose garden

Our “back yard” is made up of a 40 vehicle car park and a 60+ bush rose garden that are integral components of a professionally designed and constructed rain water catchment, storage and recovery system. Rain water is directed through a large man made filtration system under the lawned areas, down to the natural subterranean aquifer beneath the property. It is then later reclaimed for watering our rose gardens and the adjacent Marion Council Dwyer Road Reserve.