Living Family Gathering

“Next Service”

           It’s Back


                                                               2nd June     5pm

                                                              16th June     5pm

                   7th July     5pm


Pasties Day

Saturday 6th July

Place your orders now list in foyer

Great Price

Great Pasties

Limited to 1000 only

“Princess Ida” G&S (SALOS)

Friday August 23rd More details soon

Tickets available soon

Be quick when announced

Great night   Great Show

Friends Fashion Parade

Thursday September 19th

Tickets available soon

Be quick when announced tickets go quickly

Casseroles, Camaraderie & Colour

(A Parish Meal Function)

Saturday October 5th

Tickets available soon

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

A great day Fun Excitement 

Lunch and Races

Tickets available soon


Keep watching this space as events are placed and updated regularly with times and how to get tickets.

Enjoy life and have fun doing so with friends.